Hiking Catalonia from the lowlands to the Pyrenees

Active tourism, fauna, flora, heritage, gastronomy, local traditions, and much more
6 days, 5 nights

Hiking Catalonia

Everyone knows Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. But Catalonia is much more than Barcelona. In this itinerary we will discover, while walking, this unknown region. With our guide, we will cross Catalonia from the plain to the Pyrenees. We will combine active tourism with the observation of flora and fauna, cultural heritage, gastronomy, traditions and much more.

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  • Departure date: 25/10/2020
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Pick up the group at Barcelona or at its airport. It will take about three hours to our destination. On the way we will stop for a few minutes along the road to view Montserrat, the sacred mountain of Catalonia, to admire its characteristic monoliths. The Montserrat mountain range is located to the east of the Llobregat river. It’s characteristics and spectacular formations make it unique. Its highest point is the summit of Sant Jeroni, at 1,236.4 m. Throughout the millennia, the isostatic and tectonic movements, climate changes and erosion have ended up shaping an abrupt relief, with large walls and rounded blocks of pink conglomerate and clay. Inside it, the erosion of karstic type has created caves and torrents. It was declared a natural park in 1987 to guarantee its conservation. Overnight at Lleida (H****).

Hiking Catalonia from the lowlands to the Pyrenees (6 days) DAY 1: THE BEGINNING


We will walk around the wetlands of Ivars, a natural space with a great wealth of flora and fauna. Birds are the richest vertebrate group. The creation of a large wetland of about 130 hectares of land along with recreated natural habitats, facilitates an increase in the diversity of species. In a few years, after the recovery of space, more than 225 species have been observed. The aquatic birds, characterized by their great mobility and ease of colonization, find here a great diversity where it is necessary to emphasize different species associated to ripen as well as aquatic birds.

We will then visit the Remei Castle and its winery. The castle is built on an old building which, at the end of the 19th century, the Girona family, representative of the Catalan high bourgeoisie, conferred the castle structure upon adding the characteristic four battlements. In 1939, it suffered the effects of an explosion of a spray gun although the affected parts were reconstructed immediately. The patio and the noble floor, which retains the furniture and decoration, move us to an esthetical one of the time. After lunch at the Remei restaurant, we will visit La Seu Vella, in Lleida, defined as one of the best works of Catalan architecture from the 13th century. Overnight in Lleida (H ****).

Hiking Catalonia from the lowlands to the Pyrenees (6 days) DAY 2: THE IVARS WETLANDS. THE PLAINS OF CATALONIA


Morning free time, so you can walk through Lleida, enjoying a drink or shopping. After lunch (not included), we’ll travel to Les Avellanes Monastery. We’ll spend the night at the Monastery Inn Les Avellanes (H***).

Hiking Catalonia from the lowlands to the Pyrenees (6 days) DAY 3: TOWARDS THE NORTH


In the morning, tour around Àger. On this walk you will find the old Colobor Hermitage and enjoy fantastic views of the valley of Àger. After the picnic, we will visit the canonical St. Pere d’Àger. The canonical of Sant Pere is a monumental complex formed by the walled enclosure of the town of Àger, the castle and the dependencies of the canonical monastery in the town. The construction of the castle began in the 11th century, on the remains of a previous wall that surrounds the entire enclosure, which is probably of Muslim origin, but a padded stone sector is considered of the Roman period. Overnight at the hotel-monastery of Les Avellanes (H***).

Hiking Catalonia from the lowlands to the Pyrenees (6 days) DAY 4: CASTELS AND MONESTERIES


In the morning we’ll have a walk through the most spectacular gorge in Catalonia, Montrebei. It constitutes, without a doubt, one of the most unique natural spaces of the Pyrenees. From a landscape point of view, it is the only great free stream of infrastructure and great biodiversity. The Congost is a narrow and deep valley between the mountains that excavated the Noguera Ribagorçana River. The passage of time and the strength of the river have pierced the rock and wrecked it, dragging its remains and modelling the landscape. The fluvial lace occurred approximately 5 million years ago, until today. We will walk by foot or kayak in order to appreciate its spectacularity.

After lunch we will go to Tremp, the capital of the county of Pallars Jussà, where we can walk freely. We will spend the night at the Hotel Terradets (H ***), Cellers.

Hiking Catalonia from the lowlands to the Pyrenees (6 days) DAY 5: A SPECTACULAR CANYON


We will walk following the footprints that were left by the last European dinosaurs. Near the village of Orcau (Pallars Jussà) we will visit the important site of Orcau-2. Here we will see dozens of dinosaur footprints, preserved on the surface of an extensive layer of limestone. This layer was formed at the bottom of a shallow lake, very close to the sea, in which vegetation abounded. The footprints conserved in Orcau-2 were produced by a group of great herbivorous and quadruped dinosaurs that are known as titanosaurs. These animals could reach gigantic sizes and had an extraordinarily long neck and tail. The head was, however, very small, especially in relation to the size of the rest of the body.

We will also observe a reef of rudists. Before lunch, Jerome, the owner of Sauvella winery, will explain the influence of geology on the taste of wine. After lunch, travel back to Barcelona, ​​where the itinerary ends.

Alternatively, we can organize one or two extra days in Barcelona.

Hiking Catalonia from the lowlands to the Pyrenees (6 days) DAY 6: WALKING FOLLOWING THE DINOSAURS PRINTS


Lynda Smith

Lynda Smith


"I have been on a couple of excursions with Pyrenees Trips in Catalonia and would like to express my appreciation to the guide who was very professional, showing great patience and in-depth knowledge of the region (geologically, historically and culturally). Our group continually relied on his invaluable expertise in order to make for an extremely enjoyble excursion "

Ramon Monreal

Ramon Monreal


"For those who like the history of the earth and enjoy the landscape and understand it, it is essential to have a good guide that interprets the rocks and the footsteps of evolution. Without guidance, it can hardly be understood"

Javier Jiménez

Javier Jiménez


"A new and different vision of the evolution of the planet thanks to the interpretation of the rocks and the landscape. An amazing itinerary."

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