The birth of the Pyrenees

Geotourism, History and gastronomy. National Park of Sant Maurici, UNESCO GEOPARK ORÍGENS and Montrebei canyon
5 days, 4 nights

Travel through the History of our planet by means of the interpretation of the landscape and the rocks, with visits to the Sant Maurici National Park, the UNESCO GEOPARK ORÍGENS and the Montrebei canyon.

You will travel back in time to discover how the Pyrenees were formed. In addition to enjoying spectacular landscapes we will discover the History of our planet recorded in the stones. Trip to the Pyrenees of Lleida that combines geotourism, active tourism, local cuisine and traditions.

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  • Departure date: 05/10/2020
  • Group (max/min): Mín. 4 persons (consult price). Màx. 14 persons
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Pick up the group at Barcelona or at its airport. It will take about three hours to our destination. On the way we will stop a few minutes along the road to view Montserrat, the sacred mountain of Catalonia, to admire its characteristic monoliths. The Montserrat mountain range is located to the east of the Llobregat river. Its characteristics and spectacular formations make it unique. Its highest point is the summit of Sant Jeroni, at 1,236 m. Throughout the millennia, the isostatic and tectonic movements, climate changes and erosion have ended up shaping an abrupt relief, with large walls and rounded blocks of pink conglomerate and clay. Inside it, the erosion of karstic type has created caves and torrents. It was declared a Natural Park in 1987 to guarantee its conservation. We will also stop at the summit of Coll de Comiols, where we will enjoy magnificent views of the Conca de Tremp. Overnight at Llavorsí, hotel Riberies (H ****).

The birth of the Pyrenees (5 days) DAY 1: THE SACRED MOUNTAIN


We will take a 4WD to access the Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, in the axial zone of the Pyrenees. It was declared a National Park on October 21,1955. With a total area of ​​41,852 hectares, it is the third largest protected area in Catalonia and the fifth largest national park in Spain. It emphasizes its steep relief, with U-shaped valleys, glacial cirques, ponds, gorges and scree, which are inherited by the erosive action of the Glaciers of the Quaternary, mostly on granite, but also slates, shingles and rocks limestone Most of the park is 1,000 m above sea level, with some peaks in excess of 3,000 meters, among which the highest is the Comaloforno (3,033 m).

Walk about 2.5 hours, enjoying a spectacular granite landscape. In addition, we will understand how it was to mine many years ago and the uses of hydraulic energy to manufacture steel, fabrics, produce electricity, etc. Overnight at Llavorsí, hotel Riberies (H****).

The birth of the Pyrenees (5 days) DAY 2: A WALK THROUGH THE NATIONAL PARK


We will walk (or rafting -optional-, if possible) by the singular Congost de Collegats, one of the main attractions of the UNESCO GEOPARK ORÍGENS. The gorge, formed by erosion caused by the Noguera Pallaresa river, offers a splendid geological section with the added value of being one of the most unique and attractive landscapes in Catalonia. At Argenteria, there are some whimsical travertine forms developed on limestone rocks, especially spectacular in winter when it is frozen. The rock arquitecture is considered it was an inspiration to Gaudí. In summary, Collegats will allow us to observe a key structure to interpret the Pyrenees.

We will visit Tros de Sort, an artisan cheese shop, founded in 1995 with quality as a premise. They produce a wide range of cheeses, mainly working with the whole milk of cows fed with grass from high mountain meadows. Overnight at Casa Leonardo, in the town of Senterada. A cozy and singular country house, set in a traditional Pyrenean style.

The birth of the Pyrenees (5 days) DAY 3: ENTERING THE GEOPARK: THE COLLEGATS GORGE


Early in the morning we’ll move into the spectacular Montrebei canyon. It constitutes, without a doubt, one of the most unique natural spaces of the Pyrenees. From a landscape point of view, it is the only great free stream of infrastructures, and also great biodiversity. The canyon is a narrow and deep valley between the mountains that excavated the Noguera Ribagorçana river. The passage of time and the strength of the river have pierced the rock and wrecked it, dragging its remains and modelling the landscape. The fluvial lace occurred approximately 5 million years ago, until today. We will walk by foot or kayak to appreciate its spectacularity.

n the return trip to Casa Leonardo, we will stop to visit the Portet liquor factory. This liquor factory was founded in 1884 by the brothers ​Ribera, of the familly known as “Cal Colector de Conques”. It is a family factory where a series of traditional liqueurs from the Pyrenees are handmade. It has two distilleries (one very old) to flavour alcohol with various plants as well as a good amount of wood boots for aging. Overnight at Casa Leonardo.

The birth of the Pyrenees (5 days) DAY 4: THROUGH THE CANYON: MONTREBEI


Within the UNESCO GEOPARK ORÍGENS, we will move to the surroundings of the town of La Pobla de Segur. Here we can observe coral fossil reefs and be amazed with the rocks that prove the peak moment of the formation of the Pyrenees. After lunch we will start the route to Barcelona or its airport, where the itinerary ends.

The birth of the Pyrenees (5 days) DAY 5: THE LIFE IN A TROPICAL SEA


Lynda Smith

Lynda Smith


"I have been on a couple of excursions with Pyrenees Trips in Catalonia and would like to express my appreciation to the guide who was very professional, showing great patience and in-depth knowledge of the region (geologically, historically and culturally). Our group continually relied on his invaluable expertise in order to make for an extremely enjoyble excursion "

Ramon Monreal

Ramon Monreal


"For those who like the history of the earth and enjoy the landscape and understand it, it is essential to have a good guide that interprets the rocks and the footsteps of evolution. Without guidance, it can hardly be understood"

Javier Jiménez

Javier Jiménez


"A new and different vision of the evolution of the planet thanks to the interpretation of the rocks and the landscape. An amazing itinerary."

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