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Lluís Ardèvol. Geologist

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Berta Pedreño. Geologist & Environmental scientist

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Jon Gutmanis. Geologist


PYRENEES TRIPS is an inbound ecotourism travel agency based in Tremp (Southern Pyrenees, Catalonia, Spain) specialised in hiking in conjunction with cultural tourism and nature-based tourism.

Catalonia is much more than Barcelona and its coast. The mountains of Catalonia (The Pyrenees) are a pristine natural  museum that show us  the history of Earth. They offer rocks that explain the evolution of our planet; fossils of the last dinosaurs of Europe; varied wildlife, plenty of archaeological sites and Romanesque buildings. They are valleys with ancient traditions, legends and a long history.

Our aim is to contribute to show the wonders of The Pyrenees. We strongly believe that to know and love our planet is a requirement to save it.

Health, safety and environment are our number one priority on all our field trips. Food is based on local products and services are provided locally.

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